Troubles along the way

The last month I’ve been experiencing some troubles of different sources along the way.

Reason for not replying to comments was most of all I didn’t receive notifications anymore. I’ve decided to move to another hosting company later this year. As a start, my mail server has already been moved. Apparently my current hosting company where this website is still hosted doesn’t like that and refuses to follow the standard specifications by not sending mail from this website to my mail server. Result is the mail vanishes in cyberspace. For the time being I’ll take more attention to comments, bugreports, etc. without checking my mail. Soon I’ll be moving this website also to the new hosting company. Once again, apologies to all the people waiting for an answer.

Last but not least is that my ISP currently refuses to put me back online. I’ve lost my internet connection last Thursday evening and until now this problem has not been fixed. Yes, I did pay my monthly subscription fee in case you wonder. 😉 There seem to be a cable issue which is apparently very hard to fix. How difficult can that be? There is no estimate when this issue will be fixed. The ISP thinks it will be fixed before next Friday. When you live in the Netherlands, in the Caiway/Rekam service area, beware of this kind of unacceptable shitty things. When it works, it works pretty well. When it doesn’t, you’re in big trouble.

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