The End of Dynamic Widgets

My dear and very respected users of Dynamic Widgets. After a few years of battling to make some time for the further maintenance and development of Dynamic Widgets, I have decided to give up. WordPress development is not core business anymore for me. My focus is now more on application solutions.

Currently the plugin is withdrawn from the WordPress repository because of an XSS exploit. I will not fix this anymore. This means the plugin will be removed eventually from the repository. Starting January 1, 2022 I will not answer support questions anymore. This means Dynamic Widgets will be abandoned.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has used, supported and plugged Dynamic Widgets. Without you out there I wouldn’t have come so far. It has been an amazing journey.

When you are a WordPress developer and are interested in the further maintenance and development of Dynamic Widgets, you can contact me. Understand what it takes to maintain a free plugin with thousands of users. It’s not just PHP. It’s also support. And many other things which take a crazy amount of time.

Once again, thank you all. So long!

1 Comment to “The End of Dynamic Widgets”

  • I am developer, my main client have near 50 sites, he very like your plugin, he will pay me for development

    can you tell me where exactly was this ‘because of an XSS exploit’ ?

    also how i should develop it, you will assign to me? or i should just take last version?