QURL can help you by providing the following services.

Project Management

You can put a website online in one day. But it’s not just a push of a button. Despite the beautiful ‘success’ stories you hear in those radio commercials. Using a Content Management System like WordPress or Drupal helps a lot of course. WordPress installs itself on a server in less then 5 minutes with almost a push of a button! Do you really think you’re finished after installing? When your answer is yes to that question, don’t read further. As you’re reading further, you have answered the question correctly and understands putting a website online needs more. Maybe it’s just some small customization, adding some content, a contact form. Maybe it’s a bit more. Having a website can give much more possibilities and opportunities.  Have a look at automating, structuring and connecting business processes for example. Now that needs project management!

Example projects: Erasmus Online Database, Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries, Zoek Bridgepartner.

WordPress consultancy

WordPress is much more then a blogging system. There are many (hidden) features. QURL has broad experience in setting up, maintaining and extending WordPress driven websites.

Example projects: Dynamic Widgets, MeisjeMeisje, Stilettogirl, The Wayv, Dance ConsortiumParty Ballon, Cygnet Cloud

Development of web applications

Web applications is a wide area. It can be a full custom made website, a SOAP webservice or a connector between different systems. Developing database driven web applications with especially large amounts of data is a core business activity.

Example projects: Art Sales Catalogues, Primary Sources Online, Lugt’s Répertoire, The Early Modern Pamphlets Online.

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