Dynamic Widget 1.5.11

A few days ago Dynamic Widgtes had been taken down from the WordPress Plugin Repository by the WordPress Admins because of a security flaw being found by Mika Epstein (Thanks Mika!). This is now fixed and therefor Dynamic Widget has been made available again.

Next to the fix for the security flaw a new feature has been added: Shortcodes. This feature has become available by the financial contribution of Nathan Wright of NW Consulting. Thank you very much Nathan!

3 Comments to “Dynamic Widget 1.5.11”

  • hallo,
    why my dynamic widgets error in may website can you help me ?

  • I installed your Dynamic Widgets Plugin. But when I go to change the settings and save, I get an error msg.
    The screenshot of the error msg is here: http://prntscr.com/bmpj69

    Would appreciate that this issue will be looked into and resolved, with a confirmation to my email.

    Thanks and rgds,


    • I do not reply to email for Dynamic Widgets support.
      This is a very unlikely error. What rules have you set?